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Ph.D., RN  Nurse Consultant

I am a registered nurse consultant, researcher, educator, and health care practitioner. I have worked in homeless health care since 2006, with expertise in sobering centers for the care of acutely intoxicated adults,  alcohol harm reduction including managed alcohol programs, medical respite/ recuperative care, and street-based homeless engagement teams.


I am available for short- and longer-term consulting arrangements. My efforts include:

Substance use: Sobering centers for acute intoxication, public intoxication, alcohol harm reduction

Homeless health care: Street-based health outreach teams, medical respite/ recuperative care for medically frail adults suffering from homelessness

Education focus: Graduate-level nursing and medical student education, including in homeless health care, harm reduction, substance use, and health policy

I am currently available for consulting opportunities related to community needs assessment regarding sobering centers and community interventions for public intoxication, street health outreach and street medicine, and interventions for adults with co-occurring homelessness and alcohol use disorders.

A registered nurse since 2006, I have expertise in street health outreach teams, sobering centers for adults intoxicated in public, collaboration of emergency medicine and public health, and medical respite for homeless, medically-frail adults. Building from experience at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, and informed through my doctoral work at UCSF School of Nursing, my career encompasses health services research, program development, and policy efforts.

Second, I am the first President of the 501(c)3 non-profit National Sobering Collaborative, with the mission to identify, develop, and disseminate translational research, best practices and policies, and education towards the formation and sustainability of sobering centers for the care of individuals with harmful, hazardous, and/or disordered substance use.

As assistant professor at UCSF School of Nursing, my research focuses on first, reducing harm from alcohol and drug use, including evaluation of sobering centers, managed alcohol programs, and COVID-related harm reduction efforts. Second, I am co-faculty for a Street Health Nursing course, a newly-funded Street Medicine/ Street Health Outreach clinical experience, and Nursing Health Policy.  


I hold a doctorate from University of California-San Francisco, a Master’s in Nursing from Western University of Health Sciences, and a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College. In fall 2020, I completed a Health Care Leadership Fellowship (Cohort 18) with the California Health Care Foundation.


Contact Me

Please reach out anytime to inquire about consulting opportunities, collaborating on like-minded research, and discussing any and all things related to sobering centers!

Tel: 510-374-4274

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